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Welcome to a world of financial opportunity!

Stock Market Performer (SMP) is a new exciting weekly publication and will be exactly what the name implies. It will assist you in being a super-stock market performer!

If you are brand new to the market, we will help you and get you started. If you are a short-term trader, you will get what you are looking for here. If you are a mid-term investor looking for superior growth, this will be the place to be. If you are a long-term investor, again, this is where you will get just what you need.

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Monday Report

The New Monday Report

Stock Market Performer now brings subscribers the new exciting, weekly "Monday Report" This includes new relevant stock market news, share selections, graphs, summaries, pointers for the week ahead and anything else relating to market news and direction. This is in addtion to the normal, full Thursday edtion, with no extra cost.




Subscribers: Current edition overview and whats coming:

•For a free sample edition please email:   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

♦New subscribers will get my new 50 page E-Book "How to be successful in the Stock Market" free.

♦Stock Market Performer now has a new long-term dividend centred portfolio and a new short term  warrantts, trading portfolio, as well as our top performing small cap, mid,cap and large cap portfolios. 

Each edition:

  • • Now the best performing portfolio in the country!
  • • Strongly opinionated, independent and with a "prophetic" eye to the future.
  • • Regular market lessons.
  • • Current market dangers outlined every week.
  • • Review of world markets local markets sectors and shares.
  • • News on commodities, currencies and much more
  • • Large cap portfolio, mid-cap portfolio, small cap portfolio are soaring.
  • • Watch list of potential movers.
  • • Warrants corner:  We've had only one losing trade!

Current edition:

Subscribers are getting many new share selection at a high rate.

Two top performers now up over 330%

Ideal portfolio now up 175% in an average time of two years.

Large cap portfolio now up 203%

Small-cap portfolio top picks up 252%

Mid-cap portfolio top picks up 69%

Fasteset growing share up 286% in a year.

Many shares above 100% higher.

Our portfolios continue to beat the market hands down.

 ***I've called every major market trend change since the 90s before it happened.


Some share selections:

Here are a few examples of some share selections. I've removed the names of the shares as these are for subscribers only.


In the above share note: The dot was selction price. I've drawn in the steadily rising trend line. This represents a profit of 130% (This is a large cap-share)


In the share above note: The dot is selection price. Note that I chose the share just as the recovery was starting after a long hard fall. The flat areas are resistance levels which then become support levels after the upside breakout. I've underlined the upward trend. (This is a small-cap share)


In the share above note: The dot is selection price. Again, I selected this share soon after the recovery had started after the big fall. I didn't try to catch the exact turning point. I've underlined the strong upward trend. (This is a large cap-share)


In the share above note: The dot was selection price. I selected the share shortly after the upward trend had started. This was after a long sideways consolidation. Note how the share has taken off! This represents a propfit of 209% in six months. (This is a quality small cap share.)


The share above was a recent mid-cap selection. Again the dot is selection price and I've drawn in the trend line.


The above share selections have no similarity to the JSE overall index, showing that they move on their own internal fundamentals. These are just a few examples of many very successful share selections.



Our market

As a subscriber you will get all the information you need with important graphs and technical assistance every week, with specials editions released when and if necessary.

Here is an example of one of the technical analysis systems used to generate buy and sell signals

The graph below (Foshini) comes from my own exclusive technical analysis program which I wrote and developed. I use the Omni Trader platform or engine to run my exploration. It uses 120 tests on each share and then filters out the best ones placing the buy and sell signals on the chart. I have designed this to produce slightly early signals (as you can see on the chart) I also run a 200-day back test, where it measures the success of the signals in the last 200 days giving me a back test hit rate in percentage terms. This allows me to see how well my explorations are working on any share.

Note the signals I have numbered 1 to 4. These were highly profitable. The insert is just a bigger view of a buy signal:

Click To Enlarge This Image

As a member you will get the best of these and be able to participate with us in the recovery.


Money Principle

The younger you start applying this simple little principle the better!

You can work for money, which is good, but it is better to work for money and have money working for you at the same time! Stock Market Performerer will assist you on your journey to financial independence.


Weekly watch list

Subscribers will receive a weekly watch list of shares that are looking interesting and could be potential strong movers. This will be part of each outgoing weekly edition. There are very many shares in a great buying position now.

I track the weekly watch lists over time and do a monthly review. Most of the shares on these lists are absolutely flying over the last few months, many are up well over 100% since they first appeared on the watch list. Don't underestimate these lists!

I often select a share for the portfolio section which has been on a watch list.


Succeed Magazine


Succeed Magazine now runs a regular monthly full two- page article by myself on market insights with a look at some shares that are looking good now.

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Warrants corner

This section is for short term traders with some knowledge of how warrants work.

These are trading instruments to capitalise on a rising or falling market

Warrants will be traded for periods of between a few days to a month or so.


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